Navigating The Portal

Are there any video guides for the e-binder?

We’ve created a few video tutorials  to help guide you through the e-binder. We are still making more as the site continues to grow, but feel free to send over requests if there are any tools that you would like to learn more about! Please contact for additional support or suggestions.

Who can I message?

On your Messages page  , you can create new messages to anyone in your Young Women LEAD Club! Sharing your thoughts or some of your favorite articles and videos from the site can be a great conversation ice breaker to interact with your fellow Club members.

Where can I see my favorites?

You can mark your favorite articles, videos, or infographics by clicking on the Mark As Favorite star found at the top of each source.  You can then view them all in one place under your Personal Leadership Dashboard by clicking this icon  . Once in your dashboard, you will see four tabs, the farthest to […]